TUF-S fasteners are for the secure and easy attachment of HPL and fibre cement rainscreen panels

TUF-S - the next generation


The TUF-S is the next generation for the secret fix of high pressure laminate (HPL) and fibre cement rainscreen panels. The product is available in a range of lengths to suit panels as slim as 8mm and fits into a standard drill hole without the need for a complicated undercut.

Installation is with a riveting tool removing the carbon steel mandrel and leaving the A4 stainless steel fastener securely in place. The fastener is open preventing trapped moisture from potentially damaging the external face of the board over time and as it does not 'screw in', there is no danger of unwinding; ensuring a fixing solution to stand the test of time.

The benefits of using the TUF-S


  • no complex undercut hole necessary - simple, standard hole is sufficient
  • no special tools required for installation
  • holes can be drilled even on site
  • quick and easy installation with the GESIPA Powerbird Pro


  • no overtorquing of the TUF-S
  • high pullout values with the installed thread
  • no unwinding
  • uninstallation via hex head possible

The TUF-S range

The table below does not guarantee pullout values in the different panels. To prove the corresponding products work with the panel, a technical data sheet with dedicated values has to be checked.


Step 1

Pilot drilling in the HPL or fibre cement panel with the 6mm diameter. HSS blind hole drill with depth stop.

Step 2

Position the pre-drilled bracket over the hole in the panel and push through the TUF-S blind fastener.

Step 3

Remove the mandrel completely with the riveting tool GESIPA Powerbird Pro, use nosepiece 17/36 or 17/40.

Acccurate pilot drilling is essential to ensure technical values are realised and no damage is made to the external face of the panel. Use the table below to select the correct drill bit to use in conjunction with the depth locator.

Please contact our Technical Department for guidance.