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SXC5: Re-engineered for performance

The SXC5 - unrivalled in the industry for performance - has been redesigned and improved even further. 30 prototypes were developed, produced and tested in order to create the new generation SXC range, which we will be rolling out throughout 2019 - starting with the ever popular SXC5.

Key features of the new generation SXC5

  • Pull out values increased by up to 50%: increased thread diameter of 6.3mm, along with the new wave geometry and buttress thread, provides increased pull out values.
  • The top support is now a double asymmetric thread ensuring a watertight connection when combined with the 3mm soft EPDM washer.
  • Hardened carbon steel tip means fast and precise penetration of the panel and substrate.
  • The increased flange diameter provides pull over values of up to 30% greater than the current version - giving you reassurance, particularly in areas of high exposure.
  • Fully ETA approved for light gauge and timber.
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance: Initially available in A2 austenitic stainless steel, with A4 following later in 2019.
  • All SXC fasteners are available with S16, S19 & S29 washers and can be colour matched to suit your project at our powder coating facility in Leeds.


The SXC16 is used for fastening composite panels or profile sheets onto steel metal beams. Its key benefits and features are:

  • Self drilling fastener suitable for installation of sandwich panels
  • High quality soft EPDM sealing washer for long-term weather sealing
  • Thread free zone preventing top thread stripping in panel outerskin
  • Optimized support function achieved by engineered double support thread
  • High performance drill point for heavy steel beams
  • High bending capacity for absorption of thermal expansion of the sandwich panel outer-skin
  • High tension resistance achieved by optimized fastener geometry

Find out more

Download the brochure here: SXC5 Re-engineered for performance

Download: SXC5 technical datasheet

Download: SXC16 technical datasheet

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