Steel and timber construction

Simple, reliable fixing in high tensile steel.

Increasing demands in terms of security and product durability increasingly call for the use of high quality steel fasteners in industrial construction. Quite often, a range of different steel hardness grades are used on site.

Conventional thread-forming screws may not thread form in these harder steel. Often the threads will collapse during installation and become extremely difficult to use.

But it’s no problem for SFS thread- forming fasteners, which maintain their complete functionality in every steel grade from S 235 to S 355.

The impressive features of the TDB-S fasteners

  • Fully functional in every grade of steel; even S 355
  • One fastener for a wide range of applications – a safe choice
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Maximum corrosion resistance

On the safe side with TDB-S fasteners

Many application problems can be eliminated by the use of TDB-S fasteners.

For instance, pilot hole can be used for every steel grade. Thread collapse in hard grade steel is eliminated so there are no need to change pilot hole sizes.

One fastener for a wide range of substrates

By optimizing the production process of the TDB-S, it has been possible to further extend the application range of this widely used thread-forming fastener.

This makes the TDB-S the ideal choice for any steel support structure from S 235 (ST37) to S 355 (ST 52).


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