Introducing SOK-IT with its primary purpose to reduce poor installations due to incorrect setting of a Tek gun.

As construction constantly evolves so do the tools and methodology used to create our buildings. This demands on time, the availability of tools and in some cases in-experience can lead to incorrect choices being made that ultimately impact the performance of the building post construction. If the errors are recognised during construction then re-work is required impacting build program and adding additional cost, alternatively the errors are not found (or ignored) which leaves a gap between the design performance and actual.

Features & Benefits

•Minimise fastener breakages due to lncorrect setting of tool

• Reduces downtime and costs due to safe installation

• Two different torque levels (6+8Nm) for different applications and fasteners

• 5000 pcs. guaranteed safe installations when used correctly

Installation of all fasteners from diameter 4.8–6.3 mm

• 6Nm for Stainless steel fastener (black)

• 8Nm for Carbon steel fastener (gold)


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