Single & twin skin construction

A new generation of stainless steel selfdrilling fasteners

Quality demands in single and twin skin construction are continuously increasing. From an economic point of view, ease-of-use and absolute security from start to finish are, of course, paramount.

Fasteners have to maintain their function throughout the lifetime of the building. Meanwhile, aesthetic considerations are increasingly central to the achievement of creative design concepts.

Our answer to the emerging challenges in industrial light construction is a new range of stainless steel drilling fixings. These components offer enormous benefits to anyone involved in building projects.

The impressive features of the new fastener generation

  • Fast, comfortable fixing
  • Fully functioning fasteners even in high tensile steel like S355
  • Fully tested by leading OEM‘s
  • Complete system solutions with fully matched installation tools
  • A wide range of festeners to fix every application
  • Maintenance free
  • Warranties up to 40 years with A4-316 grade austentic stainless steel
  • Powder coated irius and hexagonal headforms with a colour stability warranty up to 12 years

Fast drilling thanks to special drill tip

Day by day we continue to improve on our existing fastener systems and develop new ones. Our focus is on achieving user-friendly solutions on site for improved productivity.

Our new self drilling range works faster and more efficiently, reducing installation times by up to 50%, even in high tensile steels. Optimised design performance enables these fasteners to be installed extremely quickly, with absolute reliability.

Reduced wastage with increased aesthetics with irius®-system

The unique under-head drive is an application-based solution to enable totally reliable installation. The fastener is held firmly in the setting tool during installation with the irius® -system.

The most demanding aesthetic requirements are also satisfied, with almost unlimited colour options to match cladding designs. Any roof or cladding colour can be accurately colour matched.


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