isoweld Induction Welding System

Innovative induction welding system which welds adhesive coated plates to single ply membranes

Isoweld® System

isoweld is a system solution for field fastening on flat roofs. It works with induction technology and is non-penetrating. Secure attachment is achieved through the welding of the membrane to a dedicated stress plate, independent of the membrane overlaps.

Extensive field tests as well as extensive research of the working processes on site have shown that the installer can save up to 20% of the total installed system cost when using the isoweld® field fastening system.

Convincing advantages of the isoweld system

  • Economic fixing on flat roof
  • Perfect weld quality every time thanks to the security functions
  • High process security independent of user or conditions
  • Easy and user-friendly handling
  • Hand inductor for vertical applications and detail work

isoweld 3000 Induction Tool

The key component of the isoweld system is the isoweld 3000 induction tool. It welds the membrane to the dedicated stress plate. Perfect welding is guaranteed by numerous security functions like search and control function, temperature compensation, power balancing etc. The isoweld 3000 induction tool is very user-friendly and enables upright working.

Watch how isoweld system works

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