Dynamic 2D

Key Product Features

Developed from criteria specifically set by the UK market, the programme for developing the Dynamic 2D hinge range took into account security, adjustability, long service life and reliability without compromising on aesthetics.

An enormous range of surface finishes enables our PVC-U hinges to be matched to any door or window surface. This enables the door designer to take on board various influences on the choice of door colour.

The range is suitable for PVC-U, timber and composite doors and has custom-designed sash plates for all leading profile systems: ■ Aluplast, ■ Deceuninck, ■ Duraflex, ■ Eurocell, ■ Kommerling, ■ LB Plastics, ■ Liniar, ■ Profile 22, ■ Rehau, ■ Selecta, ■ Spectus, ■ Swish, ■ Synseal, ■ Veka/Halo

Installation Benefits

The design is based on 'fit and forget' principles eliminating remedial work on sagging doors and damage to plaster reveals and decorations. Simple, secure fitting can be done by a single operative and requires just a common or garden electric drill and appropriate gauges. The design enables both vertical and horizontal adjustments of the door after hanging. Optimum door seal compression is achieved by the precise positioning of the door.