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SFS aims to increase awareness of all aspects of construction from building envelope to hinge technology

Rainscreen Cladding Systems

A comprehensive overview of the major issues and considerations important to architect specification

Learning aims:

  • Introduction and SFS company profile
  • Rainscreen Cladding - The principles and advantages
  • Considerations
  • Design & specification
  • Environment & Environmental Ratings

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Airtightness & Thermal Efficiency for Roofing & Cladding Systems

Effective thermal design in roofing & cladding systems

Learning aims:

  • Introduction and SFS company profile
  • Legislation
  • Airtightness tests
  • Achieving airtightness
  • Corrosion issues
  • Meaningful warranties
  • Specification support

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Evolution to Innovation - Fixing of Warm Roofs

The latest technology in field fastening of single ply membrane

Learning aims:

  • Introduction and SFS company profile
  • Definition of flat and warm roofs
  • Mechanically fixed v adhered systems
  • Wind uplift, corrosion and thermal issues
  • Site considerations
  • Membrane innovations
  • Warranty of SPM roofs

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Hinge Technology - Design, Function and Compliance

A new RIBA approved seminar from SFS intec focusing on security and access for the disabled


  • Introduction and SFS company profile
  • The role of a hinge
  • Compliance for internal applications
  • Aesthetics - why comprise?
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Build life cycle into the specification
  • Warranties
  • Security and Secured by Design

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Designing the Correct Roof Safety System

A RIBA approved CPD seminar on legislation compliance to working at heights

Learning aims:

  • An Introduction to SFS company
  • The need for roof safety
  • Who has the design responsibility?
  • Line and post systems
  • Arrest or restraint?
  • Consider the building
  • Design and service support
  • System warranties
  • Manufacturers support to the correct specification

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