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Product Updates

New, improved isotak BS-4,8 fastener

Martyn Holloway, Business Development Manager for Flat Roofing at SFS, provides some insight into a newly improved fastener that provides enhanced performance and a more cost-effective solution for installers.

"It is apparent that within the UK, the use of thermally broken fasteners to secure the waterproof membrane and insulation layers has indeed become the norm in most new build and refurbishment flat roof applications. Ten years ago SFS launched the isotak® fastener range and was very active in encouraging the change from all metal to thermally broken polypropylene sleeves and 4,8mm diameter steel fasteners. So after 10 years has the sleeve and fastener solution fundamentally changed or improved? The answer is no!

With this in mind SFS has focussed specifically on the fastener element of the fixing and is pleased to announce the launch of the new and significantly improved isotak® BS-4,8 self drilling fastener. Being the manufacturer of both the fastener and the appropriate polypropylene sleeves, SFS is able to improve its products to provide optimum performance.

The new SFS isotak® BS-4,8 provides significantly improved pull-out performance. In comparison with the former product, the new version offers 40% improvement for steel deck and 20% improvement for timber deck applications. This is due to the new optimised thread geometry. So this means fewer fasteners per square metre for many projects, which offers the roofing contractor an even more cost effective installation.

The new BS-4,8 also has a new improved drill point. This will provide for faster installation, improved reliability and again assist in the provision of a cost- effective installation. The new BS-4,8 is ideal for thin decks from 0,63mm through to 1,2mm. The drilling capacity is 2 x 1.25mm and indeed, the fastener can self-drill through a single layer of up to 2mm thick steel. The new characteristic values are available from European Technical Approval (ETA) 08/0262.

We have also improved the corrosion protection on the new BS-4,8 product and extensive laboratory testing has proven that the surface coating provides enhanced corrosion resistance.

The new isotak® BS-4,8 is fully tested and approved by FM and Sintef and through ETA 08/0262 the product carries the CE mark.

The proven strong and durable SFS isotak® R45, R48 and the R75 products remain market leading sleeves and when combined with the new BS-4,8 fastener offer excellent value and performance. Whilst others have focussed upon relatively minor adjustments to their polypropylene sleeves, SFS has instead focussed on the main fastening element, the screw!

In summary, the new isotak® BS-4,8 fastener offers the designer and installer significant application improvements and effectively "raises the bar" with respect to thermally broken fastener solutions".

Gesipa Product Article Numbers and Descriptions

SFS intec has historically created our own article numbers and product descriptions for GESIPA® products sold through the construction division. In order to make our processes and article numbering more customer-focused, we will be using the same article numbers and product descriptions going forward, effective from 10 July 2017.

We have emailed customers about this change, but if you didn't receive the information directly, you can download the cross reference table from the download - PDF, 0.02 MB section

Should you require this cross reference table in an excel format, please contact your local Sales representative or contact the Customer Services Team on 0113 2085 500 and they will email you the files.

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